Possible to add Graphics card?

I have a Sony VGN-NW265F laptop. The specs for the graphics card as listed are

Chipset : Intel® GM45 Express Chipset
Graphics Processor : Mobile Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator 4500MHD with Intel® Clear Video Technology
Total Available Graphics Memory: 1750MB (max.)*13
Max. External Display Resolution via HDMI™ : 1920 x 1080
Max. External Resolution via VGA : 2048 x 1536

When I go to the Intel site to look up the information regarding the Intel GM45 chipset it says that it comes with a Express Graphics Attach Port. The datasheet for the chipset says "The GM variant can be enabled to support either integrated graphics or external graphics. When external graphics is enabled, the x16 PCI Express Graphics attach port is utilized, and the internal graphics are disabled."

Under the PCI Express Graphics Attach Port section it says
*One 16-lane (x16) PCI Express port for external PCI Express-based graphics card.

My question is - HOW can I upgrade my graphics card to utilize this PCI Express port? It says that I can add a new graphics card, but many places I've read said that it is STILL impossible to upgrade the card. Also, what kind of card should I look for if I was to upgrade it?
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    Upgrading graphics is next to impossible for laptops. The chipset information you saw applies as a general feature of the chips & what it can do. But when put into a laptop, a lot of constraints come up like whether space & a PCIex16 slot is present which I doubt exist for the Sony VGN-NW265F. Once you buy a laptop, you are pretty much stuck with its built in graphics. There are some USB graphics cards but I do not think those are what you are looking for.
  2. No, eventhough you can it will overheat and sometimes there will be no space in your laptop. Go get a new laptop mate :).
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