Irritating Network Problem

Hey guys
So one of our employees uses a laptop to connect from home, and it seems like he is constantly trying to test my abilities to fix his computer because there is always something wrong with it.
today he called me saying he suddenly could not connect to the internet through IE or firefox but he could RDP to the company app server.
I though ok, sounds like a dns problem, so i asked him to ping and gave him instructions, and he told me that nothing happened (later i found out that he opened Run and typed cmd to open command prompt, and when it was open, he opened another run window and typed ping in that...)
So now im looking at it and all the setting look fine, dns is fine, i can ping, i can connect to the remote desktop, i can download updates and our internet phone works but i cant browse the internet.
Ive / release, / renewed the ip, i have rest winsoc settings and im running out of things to try.
Any help would be great,
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  1. Proxy Server in IE?
  2. No sir,no proxy

    I just did a diagnostic and it tells me that winsock is the problem

    "info Error attempting to validate the winsock providers
    Error Not all base service provider entries could be found in winsock catalog. A reset is needed.
    Redirecting user to support call."

    I have run "netsh winsock reset" from cmd, and i have run WinsockXPFix (a freeware winsock fixer) and rebooted and still get the same error message.
    Any ideas from here?
  3. Fixed, ran XP Tools from cd and it cleaned it up.
    Thanks for answering Grumpy
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