hi guys i have hp compaq8100 elite mini tower spec: 8g ram i7 quad core 860 2.8.ghz and 320 psu dont care abot the psu iwill change it for like 700wtt and q57 motherboad i want to know that which is the best nvidia and ati GPUs for this motherboad and if i can fit it in the case thx.
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  1. Any card should work if there is space in the case! Find out how long a card you can install in it.
  2. is the motherboard can handle a good gpu like 260gtx to 480gtx is the motherboard q57 good enouph ?
  3. Both those cards are old you should be looking at GTX560Ti as minimum if you are running 1920 x 1080 resolution.
  4. Yes that compaq motherboard with Q57 chipset should hold those card fine as long as there are one PCI-E x16 slot on it. But, is that a slimline computer (not ATX computer)? I hope not.
  5. its q57 not q75 and the resolution is 1440-600 19 inch led screen
  6. its not slimline its a mini tower
  7. could u guys give an accurate answer about q57 motherboard its x16
  8. There is no accurate answer your CPU and motherboard is good enough to keep up with any card on the market. It is just a question of your budget and space in your case. At your resolution even GTX550ti, HD6770 or HD7770 would do well.
  9. thank u so much bro
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