A6-3650 missing 522mb ram?


mis a55m-p33
cosair 8 gb(2x4gb) 1333
sapphire hd 7770 1ghz OC vapor-x edition
windows 8 pro

i built this system last week and posted on a few other forums with this problem with no one that could help or figure it out. when i built it in the system info it says 8 gigs (7.49gb usable) i have my monitor plugged into my 7770 and i checked the bios but there is nothing that i can see that will affect this.

updated bios to v1.6 to see if any changed i could make to the bios..nothing there

my monitor is plugged into my video card not mobo

i disabled the igpu in the device manager..nothing there either

reinstalled everything updated to newest versions of drivers,chipset etc

checked to see if my 7770 is using all lanes of the pci-e and it is
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  1. I think your a bit confused, you may have 8Gb of system memory, how much system memory do you think windows needs to use to run ? And your problem is exactly what then ?
  2. the problem is i have 512mb of reserved hardware for the iGPU that isnt being used anyways.
  3. Reserved RAM is reserved and will not be free even if its not being used. I'm guessing that's what you are missing.
  4. LOL mine only has 100MB reserved, another reason not to go AMD and Windows 8...
  5. Windows 8 is a bit depressing. I haven't found anything exciting yet about it.
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