Which cpu for gaming

2500k or 3570k?
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    I'd do the 3570K simply because it is lower in power so it will be cooler and quieter.
  2. Im going to water cool which ever cpu I decide to go with. I can buy the 2500k for 159 or the 3570k for 169 so either way its a better solution than my current amd setup lol
  3. If you don't mind a CPU not being the best at single thread applications,
    the 8350 is showing great promise as a AM3+ CPU for AMD.
    Throw on an aftermarket cooler with 4 1/2+ ratings, and you would be good to go for most games and applications.
  4. For the 8350 you would be looking at $30 to $40 more for a worse gaming cpu. Get the 3570k.
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  6. I've watched a pretty in depth review on the 8350, and by that I mean it was an hour long. So I have a good idea of the ins and outs of the 8350. I would LOVE to support amd and there efforts to produce a cpu that can compete with 2 year old intel cpu's, but from what i've gathered its just not goin to happen. I am on the other hand goin to use amd gpu/gpu's on future builds. I think that they are hands down, for the value/performance aspect just tops over nvidia. I love nvidia, we all do, there just really ******* expensive. With this being said, I found the answer's I was looking for on this subject.
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