A discreet sound card for me and windows8

I read somewhere here that up to vista all the work for sound effects in games was done by the soundcard (the discreet ones) however at windows 7 everything was done by the OS (or something like that). That's why there were the Alchemy software for Creative soundcards and other software for other brands that were enabling the duty of sound process to the soundcards again.

I also read that at windows 8 this will be natively true, meaning all the sound process will happen at the sound card .

I installed windows 8 and i had some strange short freezes on games that i didn't have issues at windows 7, as i am a pc IT i found out that the problem was indeed the sound files of certain games, my workaround was symbolic linking these files/folders to a ram disk :P.. (the realtek codec on my ga-z68p is hiccuping)

Now the real question is..

Should i jump to a discreet soundcard again? I haven't used one since..oh my AMD 64bit 3500+ PC, but now it seems that with ASIO support being all around, windows 8 support for discreet sound processors it is time to jump back.

I read about the ASUS Xonar family and of course about the new Creative products (Recon3d) and i have to admit i am confused.
I read that Asus xonar sound cards in PCIE are "bridged PCI sound processors" and i can't see that written at their website (which xonar is a new pcie native and which is a bridged one).
Also, i am unsure about going to creative again as i had many issues all the years i used them with their driver support when a new OS was out.

So what i need from a new discreet sound card are these.

1) To support all new features for sound in gaming. (5.1 or 7.1, 3d surround support for games, low latency!)
2) To be supported from new games and old games (on direct3d sound? )
2) To have a good support on drivers for the new OSs, their history on new OSs and their older sound cards will be a good proof of support.
3) To be under 120$, although if you guys insist on a more expensive one, i will of course keep it in mind for xmas. (dads need presents too ^^)
4) I have a good power supply taking power from a 300$ UPS however do you think a "ApeXi Power Filter Card for Computer Audio Enhancement For PCI and PCI-E Slots" is needed?

That's all thank you for your time :)

PS this review http://www.hardocp.com/article/2012/07/09/asus_dgx_dsx_xonar_rog_phoebus_sound_cards/1 makes me want that DSX Xonar. Good choice? Update : Seems the DSX and the DGX Xonar's rely on the cpu to do their processes thus there is also big latency compared even to onboard realtek codecs.. Anything better around? From other exotic brands?
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  1. *sigh*

    The ONLY thing Vista/7 changes sound wise was to remove the ability of the Directsound API to be H/W accelerated. OpenAL and other audio API's can (and still are) able to be processed by soundcards.

    This made since to simplify the API, especially since audio processing is easy enough to do now that we aren't running Pentium 4's anymore.

    What Win 8 did was re-add an API native to Windows that CAN BE accelerated again, though no soundcard on the market currently does.

    More likely, you have some other issue, such as a REALLY bad driver.
  2. it's the latest driver for win8 64bit :/ for ga z68p-ds3. Or there is a conflict with the audio hdmi driver from the discreet vga or..hdmi audio of the motherboard gpu (but that i disabled).
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