Do you want to change colour scheme to improve performance?

Hi Guys,

I recently built my new gaming rig around 4 months ago and all has been running well. I was running 2 screens Dell 19inch monitor and a samsung 26inch monitor. However I grew tired of the 26inch one and wanted a 1080p monitor so I bought a 24inch 1080p monitor to put next to my 19inch dell. However the problem I have is when im running games in full screen mode mroe or less instantly im getting

"Windows 7 has Detected your computer is running slow. Do you want to disable areo to improve performance

"Change the colour scheme to basic"
"Keep The current"
"Keep current dont ask me again"

Now I have pressed keep the current however when I restart my computer it will just keep asking me. I have tryed to play in windowed mode and this error is gone but however I want to play in full screen mode. My computer should be able to run these sort of things, speccs posted below

I5 2500K (3.3GHZ)

The two games I am running is

-Dirt 3
-World of Warcraft

Any help would be appreciated thanks.
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  1. Are the 26" is also 1080p??

    It seems there an increased workload for your gpu and it throtled.... (Try do win Index/point assesmet once again, sometimes win not recognice the gpu power before doing this)
  2. No that 26inch was my old monitor

    Now I am running a 19 inch monitor (1280x1024)
    24inch (1920x1080)

    This problem occured after the new monitor was installed or seems to be anyway

    redone my index still have problems
  3. Do you have the latest Nvidia drivers? I suggest you get the latest beta version.
  4. all drivers up to date including chipset and graphics
  5. Latest Windows updates?
  6. Hi guys recently ive just changed one of my 26inch monitors for a new 24inch 1080p monitor because I wanted a clearer picture for my games my current setup at the moment is as follow

    I5 2500K Stock
    8GB RAM
    24 INCH 1080P Monitor
    19 INCH 1280X1024 Monitor

    Now when ever im in a full screen game I keep getting tabbed out and this bloody error pops up without fail on every single game ive played so far

    Dirt 3
    Crysis 2
    World of warcraft

    I shouldnt be having performance issues with my specc definatly not with windows areo. Here is the error I am getting and my processes that are running when this error occured in dirt 3. However what I dont understand is this doesnt happen in window mode. :S

    Please can someone help
  7. did you try to select 3rd option??

    try to install windows upgrade, here is a link to upgrade windows. [...] px?id=5842
  8. System Speccs I5 2500K
    GTX 560 TI
    8GB RAM
    2 Monitors

    -Fully Updated Windows
    -Clean Installed Windows
    -Rolled back drivers to see if that was problem it wasnt
    -Installed all current drivers
    -Anti Virus Check

    Can someone tell me how to disable this stupid message as there is nothing wrong with my computer checked task manager for resources and ive no idea why this is poping up.

    Here is the error -

    Ive also tryed disableing it in the action center under Maintinence messages however this still happens after ive restarted my computer

    and can someone also confirm this isnt a serious message

  9. Quote:
    ...if this is always happening when running the same program, then it might have compatibility problems with the Aero theme. To disable Aero while running that application, modify the Properties of its executable to "Disable desktop composition" :

    Found this here:

    Towards the bottom of the page (with helpful graphic). More than likely, it's just a compatibility issue between your applications and Windows Aero.

    -Wolf sends
  10. Just wondering do most PC Gamers Trash Areo and go for basic for better performance?
  11. i just leave it there. doesnt do too much to make your computer slow
  12. I play a variety of games and never had to turn Aero off, but I don't know if there's another Win7 service that's "auto-tuning" these settings for me. /shrug

    I've never needed to disable Aero to see if I'd get an FPS boost, so I can't answer that, sorry. So far everything seems to run about the same as WinXP.

    As for that error, I think I saw it once before. In my case, an app went out of control and used all my RAM and CPU. The error went away when I stopped using the app, so I never bothered narrowing it down.
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    Do you want to change the colour scheme to improve performance?
    Windows Has detected your computer performance is slow
  14. If you like your settings how they are and don't seem to be affected performance wise and just want to tell it SHUT UP WINDOWS you can do the following.

    in windows 7 **could also be other versions. I don't know.

    go to start type Action Center in the search box, or you can also find it in "Control Panel"

    On the left sidebar, Click on Action Center Settings

    Uncheck the Windows Troubleshooting checkbox under "Maintenance Messages"

    Then Click Ok and reap the rewards of no lame messages anymore.

    :D :p :D :p :D
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