I need a comprehensive guide to CPU architectures?


Can anyone offer me a comprehensive guide to the basics of a modern CPU architecture? I know the basic basics like what a core is and what cache is but the way in which they all work together still eludes me. I've been in computers for about a year now and I've done my best learning a wide array of topics but CPU architecture is an area that always manages to perplex me. I hear things like integer core, decoders, fetchers and my head gets considerable itchy. I want the post to be long enough not to leave out any key details, but understandable. Of course, when I say understandable I don't mean the actual concepts, but the way in which the post is written. Also, if anyone knows any good books I can dive into to help get a better understanding of the area that would be appreciated as well.

If someone can do that for me I could greatly appreciate it thank you.
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  1. Sho that is a difficult one. Uhm most of how CPU architectures work are spicific to the given architecture. If you would like to know the physics behind it I could link you to the basics, but if you would like something different you are gonna have to be more specific.

    As for extreme detail specifics about the architectures. That's quite impossible to give you as Intel and AMD, among others, keep this information closely guarded.
  2. Thank you for the reply. I am more so looking for a foundation from which I could learn the intricacies of the respective architectures. I understand that both are pretty divergent, but there is some commonplace between them I would love to understand that. I know that architectures have evolved wildly over the years with several controllers being moved on-die and such but I'm really just asking for anything that can help me claw my way though an Anandtech CPU review, for example.
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