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is there a difference? HIS is sold out currently but the other one is in stock. I want to buy today so I was wondering if there is a difference.

And this is a good card? I don't plan on OC my CPU or GPU (3550 i5).

I just want to play maybe BF3, BFBC2, LOL, and other games safely for about a year or so.
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  1. They seem to have the same clock speeds. The chipset is the same, obviously. Just the manufacturer. If you trust VisionTek, go ahead and buy it.
  2. question is... do you trust visiontek? lol
  3. I haven't had any experience with them nor do I know anyone who has. If I say something for/ against them, I will probably mislead you. Sorry.
  4. Both will perform exaclty the same so that variable is out of the equation. I have never dealt with Visiontek but they offer a lifetime warranty on the 7850 and HIS does not. Given the choice and knowing nothing about either, I would chose Visiontek based on the warranty alone. Get the Visiontek.
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