New CPU causing lock ups?

I recently upgraded from a Pentium E5700 to a Core 2 Quad Q6600. After I did this, my computer locks ups (freezes, mouse won't move, lights on the keyboard won't light up), and the only way for me to unfreeze it is to turn off the power supply.

It doesn't lock up if I let it idle, but it locks up within 15 minutes of running any games.

It's also not overheating, and the temperature never goes above 60c

The Q6600 is compatible with my Mobo

I'm using a MSI G41 P26 Mobo, a 400w power supply, a Galaxy Geforce GT 430, and 4Gb of RAM.

It was running perfectly fine before the upgrade, and if I switch back to the old CPU it runs perfectly fine.
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  1. Oh, and I'm running Windows XP home 32 bit
  2. Uh, why did you make this upgrade? The Q6600 is a slower processor than the E5700. Yes, it has 2 more cores, but they are slower clocked cores = not as good for gaming. Once you get everything working you should try overclocking.

    That said, a full freeze up like this sounds like a different problem than it just being slow.

    Is all software, etc wiped clean and reinstalled from your previous processor/installation? Is it recognizing and using all four cores? I feel like this has to be a software or bios issue with the computer.
  3. I reinstalled windows on a different HD to test it. It's locking up with only XP SP2, the driver for my network adapter, and google chrome installed, if I put a heavy load on it.

    All four cores are being recognized and used.
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