GTX 560 ti 448 suddenly overheats

I've had my Gigabyte GTX 560 ti 448 for a few months now. It used to peak at 74° max. Suddenly, two days ago, it started peaking at 83°! I haven't changed any hardware configuration and I was playing the same games as usual, at the same settings (also, I haven't moved my pc... In short, I haven't changed anything). Any idea what's going on? I'm using the latest official (non-beta) drivers from nVidia and I run my card at stock settings. I never overclock it. I only changed the fan settings to go up as the card gets warmer (60°=60% fan, 70°=70% fan, and so on). I use MSX Afterburner to monitor my card.

This is the card, for your reference:

Any suggestions are very much appreciated! Thanks!
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  1. Where do you live? Ambient temperature has a HUGE effect on temps (since you're using it to cool your components). if you're in the northern hemisphere, it's getting hotter by the day!
  2. how often do you clean your pc from dust?
  3. Oh, I didn't take that into account! I live in Montreal, it got up to about 20° recently... still doesn't look like such a dramatic increase in ambient temp...
    83° still looks a bit dangerous to me.

    Any suggestion?
  4. I clean my PC every few months. I cleaned it in March, when I got my card. I was planning to do it again this weekend...
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    cleaning could help, but if the last time you did it was March, it's likely something else is going on...

    I would check your case fans and the GPU fan carefully, make sure there's no dust-balls clogging them up or reducing their speed..

    otherwise, you can probably expect a change on the order of 5C or so going from winter to summer, humidity can shift it too (water in the air absorbs heat!). 83C isn't that bad if it stabilizes, but I understand your concern

    FYI, I'm in Boston so I'm pretty close to you. I've noticed a 4C raise in load temp on my sapphire 7970 dual-x compared to winter temps
  6. Ok, thanks for the suggestion. I'll open the case and do a check-up as soon as I have time! Another thing: like I said, I tweaked the fan to go up according to the card's temperature. Do you have any recommendation on fan settings? Can I damage the fan if I let it run too fast, too often?
  7. Sorry, I don't know too much about fan settings. usually just tweak it so that I stay below a set temperature and leave it at that. you can't damage the fans making them spin fast
  8. Well hey, you learned something today!
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