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I have only just recently built my own custom PC, I put it all together externally to check to see if everything was working and then placed them within the case. A week later I have experienced a smell, which I don't know if it could be the case fans like the grease seeping away. Or just the heat from the GPU coming out of the back, I have checked the power supply and it isn't there as it is not warm what so ever.

The motherboard has no bulging capacitors and all look ok, the first week I didn't do anything with the system besides surfing the net. This time I have been trying long duration gaming, and am just thinking that it's the heat the card is sending out the back. I clean the dust off regularly on any areas it could get in. When I bought it up I smell everywhere and can't really pin point it, I just feel like it is only when I am doing big tasks which then I say again is the heat going out the back.

I check my temps regularly and nothing is ever 'overheating' they are well within temperatures, so where is the smell coming from?

Many thanks in advance
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  1. Smells like teen spirit?

    New components always smell. My new threehundredtwo smelled of terpentine for a week...just keep a window open, the smell should be gone after a week.
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