Where can you get sapphire radeon hd 7850 ?

What it says on the title aha or should i get a Powercolor Radeon HD 7870 plz help :D thanks :D
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  1. Get sapphire. Where are you from? If you are asking for a new GPU go see this:
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    If they are both with default cooling solutions, that really don't matter, they should be the same, the difference is going to be mainly the warranty and the support service, normally sapphire is better over powercolor but that depends on where you live of course.

    now if they aren't reference coolers, you must check the one with the best cooling solution and go for it, normally the non reference cards also have higher clock speeds, that is also a plus and normally 2/3 fans are more silent than a single fan.

    but on that specific card (7870) and on the avaiable models for now, the saphire is better by the models i've seen so far, just like this one:
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