Geforce 9800gt green loses signal when playing latest games


Well, I have an HP desktop computer (Pentium Dual Core E5300 @2.6Ghz 4GB RAM), I bought a ECS Geforce 9800gt green edition 512mb. Also I have an HP 23" monitor at 1920x1080. I had a 400watts PSU, but I was having this problem, so I decided to get a 600watts PSU, still the same problem.

The problem, in latest games like Skyrim, MW3, Reckoning, and Diablo III (only has happened in those ones, Crysis2 was ok)... after playing for a while 10-15 minutes at 1920x1080, it loses signal, I just noticed in Diablo3, it happens when some special effects appear on the screen, for example when the blacksmith is activated and all his workshop glows in yellow light.. it happens.... also when there are some wizards holding a guy with magic (special effect in the rays) it happens.. even if I lower the resolution.

I used CPUID hardware monitor to see the GPU temp, and it is about 50°C max while playing, idle it is 38 or so... room temp is about 25°, the pc is well ventilated.. so I don't think it is the temperature... also not the PSU since I already changed it and the same thing happens.

I think it could be something that has to do with DirectX and drivers... it happens when special effects appear... so maybe it is not supporting some features or something.. but I'm not sure.

Any ideas on how to fix this (not buying another gpu)??
Has anyone had the same problem?
Thank you very much!
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  1. no help?
    Just as reference I found another guy having the same problem.. he just got a new card... any ideas?
  2. The GPu probably is failing, maybe your old 400w psu, already caused that problem with the GPU, and now it is only a question of time it will probably not work anymore.

    probably you need a new card too. looks likes your gpu is already dead. just a question of time.
  3. I am guessing a heat issue the green cards most of the time had less cooling or even fanless. This would basicly still be the GPU failing but try putting a fan on your card to see if that helps any. This card is working very hard to keep up with these games.

  4. it could be a problem the Heat, but @OP already said that it is at 50º max that is certainly not hot for that GPU...

    @OP also you can try the latest nvidia drivers for that GPU 301.24 BETA but i think that the card is going to die, i've had a lot of problems with bad psus already, that toasted a lot of GPUS to me, and a 400w psu can easily do that, specially generic brands, you must also check what 600w psu you have, some 600w psu are just labeled as so, and can't even get more than 400w, it should be enough for that card, but it can be very unstables on power surges and other electricity problems...
  5. I just ran Furmark stress test at 1920x1080 2MSAA fullscreen for 20 minutes (8 fps average) and the max temp it reached was 65°C and stayed there without any kind of problems. (65 is still ok, after 85 problems may occur) The GPU is fine.

    I'm absolutely sure that it is a driver problem, there are other people having the same problem. I think this is something that nvidia hasnt fixed. Im going to try with latest beta drivers, and also playing with drivers settings... but any idea about the technology that these latest games use would be usefull.. for example special effects in diablo should be using something that is not supported by my card drivers.

    Any help really appreciated.
  6. well my brother is using a 9800gtx+ and using the 301.24 driver everything is working normally.

    the 296.10 have problems with browser normally streaming videos causes the screen to go pink and other issues, so if you are using 296.10 update to 301.24, but on games, losing monitor signal. probably it is near death, but yes, of course try changing driver first...

    my brother 9800gtx+ runs at 80º since we live in brazil and here the ambient temperature is high, but it still working, it is already 3 years old and still working perfectly. he had this same issue you are having with 2 AMD cards, both were exchanged, they both toasted.
  7. I just downgraded the settings on Diablo3 to have less special effects (actually there was an option called like that) and also reduced shadows and texture quality, and now I've been playing for 2 hours without any problem.
  8. Also, checking in GPU-Z, it says that my card only supports DirectX 10, maybe that's the reason of the crashes...when it try to use DX11 instructions
  9. I've the same problem with Diablo III and Nvidia Geforce 9800GT
    Other relevant specs: 650W PSU, latest nvidia drivers, DirectX11

    Regarding Heat
    * Increased the onboard fan to 100 % fan speed

    * I've tried lowering graphics settings in Diablo III
  10. After playing in low settings for 3-4 hours... some evil wizzard appeared who threw something with special effects.. and boooom lost video signal, those are powerful foes! I'm getting a radeon HD 6850.
  11. My problem was a lot more occurring. Maybe 10-15 min of play until black screen. But now THE PROBLEM IS SOLVED by uninstalling every piece of driver and software that begins with Nvidia and using whatever windows find instead. Game on.
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