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The Price/Performance AMD equivalent of the 2500k?

Hey, I'm a total AMD noob and I know that the 2500k is the sweet spot for price performance CPUs. What is AMD's "sweet spot" CPU for price/performance? I'm not asking for the AMD equivalent of the 2500k, just what's the best CPU for the buck.
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  1. Nothing really....

    Possibly the FX-6300...

    But the only "reasonable" CPU from AMD would be the FX-8350.
  2. Really? I always heard about something about the Athlon x64 or the 1100t. (I have no idea what I'm talking about)
  3. If you can find one, one of the old Phenom II x4 or x6 chips OC'd to 4GHz would probably be the sweet spot. They aren't much anymore and can hold their own in most apps. The closest in performance would be the 8350. Not much faster then the x4/6 chips in gaming, but quicker in heavy CPU tasks due to the extra cores.
  4. The 8350 is usually priced around the 2500k/3570k, so that would be the equivalent. It's better in multithreaded apps and worse in the ones that aren't so well threaded.
    I would argue that the 6300 is a better bang for the buck, it's priced around the i3 levels and usually beats that, and it's also unlocked so you can overclock. You can't overclock any i3s. If you want the more performance the 8320 is cheaper than the 8350 and you can overclock it up to the 8350 levels and well beyond. It will consume more power though, and will probably not reach the same level as a 8350 overclocked.
  5. Well, it looks like anything that's not AM3+ is improbable. So any recommendations for that? the 4100, 6100 and the 6300 seem to be the most likely. Like, I said, I'm not looking for the equivalent of the 2500k, I'm looking for the sweet spot of AMD CPUs that is currently taken by the 2500k in intel
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    The 4100 and 6100 just doesn't have the performance most want,even if they are "cheap" now. Like I said, the 6300 and 8320 gives you good bang for the buck.
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