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This is what I want to be able to do with my new computer: smooth gameplay at ultra in 1440p - all games, quiet system, cool system with OC potential.

The build (Swedish website, all component names in english):

I've based this build on reviews, and benchmarks. I'm planning to let the company put those Noctuas instead of the stock fans in the Corsair H100. Another thing I've thought to add is double SSD's in raid 0.

You advice, thoughts, comments about the build are very appriciated!
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  1. Hejsan wellspear,

    my first advice would be to not blow 2800 € where 1500 will do.

    Second why not assemble it yourself?

    Third I don't recommend the Corsair H100, go with a good air cooler or go custom liquid.

    You don't need an i7 or a ridiculously priced motherboard for gaming.

    You don't need a 1000W PSU for a GTX690 650W will do. I'd recommend GTX670 SLI which should be better for less €€€.

    You don't need a sound card unless you're using pro equipment/software.
  2. I'm more than willing to spend less money on the computer, if it can handle the requirements that I have on it :)

    Why dont you recommend the H100? It has some good reviews.

    I want to PC to be able to handle games in some years too, and I might buy another GTX 690 later for quad SLI. I think the i7 is being utilized by some CPU heavy games as well. Thats why Im thinking about buying an i7.

    Again for the PSU, I might upgrade the system in some years with another GPU for quad SLI. The 670's in SLI can't handle all games smoothly at ultra in 1440p, so it's not an option. I've looked into 3-way SLI with 670's, or perhaps 2-way SLI with 680's. But I think that the 690 GTX is the best option, which will take less space in the PC and produce less heat, at the same performance.

    I can easily make out a difference between a stock sound card and a better one. X-fi is known to be used for gaming and multimedia, because of it's quality.

    I don't wanna risk breaking the PC while assembling it, and I'm not really good at putting all the cables in a nice way. The company also provides extra warranty if they build it :)
  3. The i7 will not perform any better than the i5-3570K in CPU heavy games. Seen many people in these forums turn HT off on their 3770s since all it was doing is generating heat with no benefit.

    Scaling is really bad above three GPUs from what I've read at any rate so would think triple 680s or 670s would be better with the same PSU.

  4. I'd say SLI GTX670 compares pretty well to a 690. Quad SLI is of course different but you'll probably want to upgrade to a hypothetical GTX770 at that point anyway...

    RE H100 I guess it's half personal pet peeve and half that it doesn't seem to outperform high end air cooler very much. I've also heard it's quite loud on load.

    About the i7 there's no game that currently needs one. And probably won't be in a long time.
  5. What kind of comparison is that? The data I've seen from BF3, the witcher etc. is different from that chart.

    I've decided to put 2x noctua fans in H100, to counter the loud noise the stock fans produce.

    There's a load of game benchmarks there.

    I see you want to use the H100 and I'm not stopping you, it's just something I don't prefer.
  7. That is indeed very interesting and surprising! I never thought that the GTX 670 in SLI is THAT close performance-wise to both the 690 and 680's in SLI.

    Would it perhaps be even better with a 3-way 670 SLI build? I mean, it costs about 150 EUR more to buy 3x670 than 1x690.
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