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Hey guys! So I've recently upgraded most parts in my computer. Its a pretty nice machine, however, my monitor is pretty basic, and its the last piece i need to upgrade. Im a pretty big gamer and I also watch movies and shows on my computer. Pretty much my computer is my all in one entertainment system. Im looking to get something around 24". i dont think I need to mention I want a full hd monitor with good contrast ratio, response time, yada yada yada.
My budget allows for something no more than $300-350.
What do you guys recommend? I ask because I know that I'm not an expert and guys at stores always simply point you to the most expensive things they have.
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  1. any other opinions out there?
  2. It doesn't get better than a Dell Ultrasharp IPS panel. :)
  3. jessterman21 said:
    It doesn't get better than a Dell Ultrasharp IPS panel. :)

  4. the dell doesnt even have an hdmi....
  5. If it was my money I would get a 1920 by 1080 if you get 1920 by 1200 you just get a black bar on the top and bottom for videos and it doesn't help much in gaming. I personally think ASUS monitors are one of the best (if not the best). So you can save $100 and get a monitor that is great. Or spend the same price on a 27'' monitor.

    I wouldn't get this if you can't get 120FPS but another option is 120Hz.
  6. Oh no, there is a difference. Someone has obviously never used an IPS panel or gamed at 1200p. There are more vertical pixels which means less aliasing than 1080p, and the color depth and clarity is unbeatable in an IPS panel.

    Though I definitely agree, ASUS makes great monitors, and for about $200, those you listed are good choices for a gamer.

    But since the OP's budget is over $300, splurging on an IPS monitor just makes sense.
  7. jessterman21, i decided to go with your recommendation, but before i pull the trigger i just wanted to ask you, if that is the best one for the money in your opinion
  8. If you need HDMI, go with something else, but pretty much every tech site will recommend an IPS display (and include a Dell Ultrasharp in their recommendations) if you're looking upwards of $300. I would say it's the best for the money, but I never use any connection but DVI.
  9. Dell Ultrasharps are about the most recommended monitors as Jessterman21 said.

    But honestly "best" monitor is all relative. Everyone has different tastes and preferences. Some people want a smaller resolution so they can max out their game with weaker harder. Some people want fast response times. Some people like glossy, some people like matte. Some people like vibrant colours, some people like true colors. Some people want 3D. Some people want easy to set up surround gaming.

    There are so many factors honestly its nearly impossible to answer. However I will note that HP, LG, Samsung, ASUS, HannsG, and Acer all make great monitors.
  10. Hi there. I just bought the HP2311X after reading this . 20 monitors in test. Article is really helpful if u want to choose a new display
  11. Wow... to be honest I think that's a poor recommendation. Have you tried the BenQ XL2420T Professional Gaming monitor? Lower response time and almost no input lag.
    The ASUS VE248H is also highly recommended in this article:
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