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Building 1st gaming pc for/with my 14 yr old son-not done this before! He has bought PNY GTX650ti card. What is a good cpu that will run well with this. I have looked at AMD piledriver v Intel 3570k. Want to spend the minimum but prepared to spend more if will last for say 3 years. Thanks for any help!!!
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  1. Hi, The i5 3570 K is a better choice. What motherboard do you have in mind?
  2. Thanks for the reply.I was hoping that possibly could get good gaming experience mid to high settings using say FX4300 (£90) or Fx6300 (£100) as opposed to I5 3570K as about £170? However if you think that I5 is the way to go?? then had looked at Asuz Rock Z77 extreme.
  3. Well the i5's do sit at the top of the scores, but that doesn't mean they are required to get good gaming performance. An fx6300 would still do excellent in games.

    How much is an i5-3470 and an H77 or b75 based board? If you don't intend to overclock, then there is no reason for a 3570K and Z77 board (which are more expensive because they are unlocked for overclocking)
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