Want to upgrade video card

First off here is my system:

Here is my System

CPU: Core i7-950 or 960 ( I do not remember)
RAM: 6GB 2Gx3|MUSHKIN 998805 R (thinking about adding another 6GB)
Power Supply: CORSAIR|CMPSU-850TX 850W RT

I am also running Win 7 64 bit.

I like my video card a lot but now that I have started playing Diablo III (all high graphics levels) I can hear the card working a little bit harder. Fan speed increases and I am seeing temp increases. I have played the Guild Wars 2 beta and saw the same performance from my video card (increased fan speeds and temps). These are the two games I will play the most.

So I was looking at the AMD 7970 and GTX 680. But recently I was looking at the 7870. If I can get the 7870 for a good price, I may even consider buying two of them in order to crossfire.

My questions are these:

1) Will an 850W PS be enough to crossfire two 7870's
2) Should I skip the crossfire and just go with a 7970 or GTX 680??

Help will be appreciated.
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  1. GTX 680!!! or better yet, GTX 670. 100$ cheaper and performs like 680
  2. I would'nt spend the money to crossfire/SLI if your thinking about a 680. I would save a 100 bucks and get a 670 or if your an ATI fan go with a 7950. Both cards will do anything you want them too but the 670 is the best option at that price point
  3. To be honest, if you want to save money, I would just leave the card in there personally. As long as you can play it on high, and smoothly, I would keep it. Just because you can hear it working harder doesn't mean its slow. The 5870 is by no means slow at all.

    That being said, if you DO want an upgrade, the 670 would be perfect imo.
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