PSU 700watts on 500 watts avr

I have the FSP Epsilon 700 watts and I have a 500 watts avr. Do you think it will work with each other well?

Thanks everyone!
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  1. Yes it will work.

    That 700W FSP had good review's.

    Maybe in future u will add a GPU who know's or even if u upgrade ur PC u can still use that PSU but u have to upgr that AVR.

    What is the rest of your system just to be sure u wont exceed it?
  2. As long as you keep the FSP Epsilon 700W PSU and any other connected devices total AC power draw under 500 Watts from the 500 Watt AVR then you should be fine.

    If the AVR shuts itself down then you know that you are exceeding its capacity.
  3. avr should be bigger than psu..

    1000w avr will suit to your system..

    but yes, i agree with ko888, it will work, as long as you're not exceed 500w avr capability..
  4. Hi guyz, im currently using 500watts avr with my 700watts psu. I have no problems at all.

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