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Hi i got a 6850 this 1
i bin using it for a bit card still works and all the fan sounds rely bad and all when it goes higher then 60 fan speed i'm thinking of selling it because i got a 7850 so just wondering how would i sell this item for 80-100$
and what items do i have to give to the buyer, should i sell it on amazon or on ebay.
always wanted to cf the 6850 but i heard that at 1080p its better to have more then 1gb of vram for bf3 etc is that true? or what should i do with my 6850. thnx
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  1. Are you asking how much its worth? i would say 130$ for ebay or amazon
  2. it doesn't have the original box it came with i do have the driver cd so is 100$ a good price to sell it. also its because i got the card at cyberpower they didn't give me the box.
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    - see what other HD6850's are selling for used. You likely can't ask more than 75% of the cost of the cheapest HD6850 that is brand new.

    - Is the warranty transferrable? Probably not, however I think EVGA has warranties that apply only to the card. That would make a big difference in what you can ask for the card.

    - Extras. The driver CD is useless as you'll download the latest driver from AMD anyway. As long as you advertise that nothing comes with it then who cares? Manuals are generally useless as well.

    The HD7850 can use more than 1GB of VRAM in some games. In general, the more powerful the GPU the more RAM it can use. The HD6850 in theory could have used more than 1GB of VRAM but it would have been at frame rates that were too low to be enjoyable.

    *In general, you want to play most games at 60FPS with VSYNC enabled (to avoid screen tearing), then tweak your settings so that it achieves VSYNC most or all of the time.

    **I particularly enjoyed "Kingdoms of Amalur - Reckoning"; if you don't have it you might want to wait for it to be cheaper and include some DLC. Just FYI. The HD7850 can handle that game at 1920x1080 with everything at MAX quality.
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