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Hi. I am building a new PC, and the total cost is £640. The specs are below. Could you recommend any changes/mods to my build?

Intel i5 2500k
ASRock Pro3 Gen3
Komputerbay 8GB RAM
Corsair H60 Hydro
OCZ Mod X Stream Pro 600W
ATI Radeon 6850
Seagate Barracuda 1500GB
Samsung 830 64GB SSD
Zalman Z11 Plus
BitFenix PRO Blue 140m LED Fans (x2)

Total £638.06

It would help if you gave links as well.
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  1. Looks good :)
  2. SSD is a luxury at that budget. Upgrade the GPU to a 560ti.
  3. I would lose the H60 as well and upgrade the GPU further, maybe to a 7850 or 7870 depending on how much you have left in the budget. You could always get a cooler later, plus you won't need that H60.
  4. I am planning to overclock to 4.5GHz and stable. I have seen it done before.

    I do not want to use a stock cooler. I could get a Cooler Master Hyper 212+ and use the money from the H60 on a better GPU, but I am not using a stock cooler.
  5. I have seen a ati radeon 6950 for £150, so I will get that and buy a cheaper cooler.
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