Gaming Laptop running very hot Asus G73jh

MY GPU is idling at 75c Which seems way to much, I have my battery removed, iv already withen the year re-pasted the cpu, i have a cooling fan placed on the bottom with the bottom portion removed for more direct flow with air. Please help
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  1. Hello,

    IDK. I have the exact same laptop - I have the same problem too, my GPU overheats. I took it apart and cleaned it and everything.

    Never did figure out why it runs so hot...If you do...let me know! Although I do know when I first got it, it never ran so hot like that.

    Now that I think of it...I might have switched my fans upside down or something? Although they way they are doesn't really seem to matter.

    Right now, my G73 is just my back up laptop due to this fact.
  2. You re-pasted the CPU but did you re-paste the GPU? What thermal compound did you use? I have the same laptop and idle @ 57c with an overclock of 800/1100. Have you tried an updated vBIOS? Don't know if I can reference another site but if you PM me I can hopefully send you in the proper direction.
  3. As far as I know for linking - as long as it's not a virus ridden site/hack/crack/copyright theft/etc... - and is legitimate, it should be fine.

    I know all of the websites I normally link are trustworthy (at least to me).

    Here's a pictorial of how to take apart the laptop if you plan on putting on new paste:

    Also here's a nice video as well:

    I feel embarrassed to say this but when I took mine apart I screwed up the keyboard/touchpad. So now it doesn't work. If I could find a cheap replacement I wouldn't mind putting it back to "stock" or better.
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