Need help choosing a case, and please check my rig compatibility

so far i bought...

cm hyper 212 evo
z77 extreme 4
msi radeon 7870
windows 7
crucial 128gb m4 ssd
corsair hx750 psu
g.skill 8gb ddr3 1600
samsung sh222bb/bebe optical drive
asus vh236h monitor

Having trouble on deciding which case to get. Going to overclock my cpu to 4.2ghz so cooling is priority. Also need room for expandability in case i decide to crossfire. looking for cooling, room for my 212 evo, and price efficiency, not style.

Please help thank you.

PS Are all these things compatible with each other? thanks
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    This case would be a good choice and has good coolig and good size.
    The parts that you have look conpatable and should work together , the thing to have done would be to ask that question before buying so something else could be purchased and you would save yourself from having to return things.
  2. If you are looking for a budget case the CM HAF 912 cools very well.
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