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Hey guys, frequently come here for answers but now I need one of my own! I've just completed my first build, (i5 3570k, asus p8z77-v pro, 8gb 1600 vengeance, gigabyte gtx 670, Antec HCP 750) and have been having, what I assume to be, problems with my gfx card. Whenever I try and play a game and sometimes when i run benchmarks (furmark, cinebench, unigine) my computer reboots. At first I was not using a surge protected socket and upon restart, the bios would say that asus anti-surge turned it off. Now I have it connected to a surge protected socket and it still does this. I've connected a different graphics card (HD 5450) and it has worked fine. On top of that I ran fur cube in GPU caps and there was no problem. GPU temps were unable to go above 70C at 100% GPU load and 100% TDP. Originally I had a single power cable connected to both the 8 pin and 6 pin connectors but have since changed it to two separate cables and the problem is still there. Just a bit more info on the nature of the reboot: the PSU makes a clicking noise and all power is cut. The case fan LEDs cut off for a second then it reboots. Occasionally it goes to the Asus anti-surge screen. I tried turning asus anti-surge off as i heard it was rubbish but the problem continued. It does go to the safe mode selection page. Everyday computing is normal and CPU benchmarks have no effect. My conclusion is a problem with the gfx card. I would love some help guys, I can't even run minecraft D: !!!! Thanks guys, major noob here (much more apparent to me now!)
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  1. There may also be a problem with the PSU not being able to handle the load. It could be faulty. Or, as you may have mentioned, it could be the graphics card. Best thing to do is contact Gigabyte support and RMA the card. When you get the new one, test it out. If it still does it, then sadly its the PSU. (Or, if you have a friend who also has a high end GPU, bug them to let you borrow it to test).
  2. Thank you, I have RMA'd the card.
  3. What kinda psu is it? It sounds to me like that maybe the problem.
  4. Antec HCP 750. Its a pretty premium power supply, I know it can fail as well but I definitely think the graphics is more likely.
  5. hey guys, I RMAd my Graphics Card and they tested it, finding no fault. They are charging to send it back to me now (Without telling me that they would, mind you) and I am reluctant to send off my PSU without first making sure it is faulty. Is there any way I could make sure of this?
  6. Do you have a spare PSU to test with? Or a friend with a PSU that is capable of powering the system that you could borrow?
  7. I would double check the cables to make sure they're all properly attached, and I would try using the other 2 PCIe cables that come from the PSU to check for a bad rail or something.
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