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I just bought a XFX Radeon HD 6870. I put everything like i was supposed to but I'm getting a no signal error from my monitor.

by looking at the pin dots I can see my monitor is DVI-D and the card has DVI-I and I'm using a DVI-D (on both ends) cable to connect them, could that be the problem?
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  1. Also it says it's recommended that i use the 6-pin power connectors to the card witha 500 watt power supply.
    I'm just using my 600 watt power supply my pc came with but it doesn't have any of those connectors for the card.
    The card's fan is running too so I don't think that may be the issue.

    Right now I'm running on the integrated graphics and I looked at the system devices and the card doesn't show up either.
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