TX 750 and Gtx660ti sli

Hello,I have asked several others about this but my story is, i just got a new Asrock Z77 extreme 4 that supports SLI. My CPU is a i7-3770k. I only Use 1 hard drive(7200 rpm) and a SSD, 1 22x optical drive. I already have 1 GTX 660 TI reference. I would like to know if the tx750 can handle all this.

Other items: 2x200mm led fans,1x140mm led fan,corsair a70 cpu cooler.
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  1. Yes it can!
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    The 660 Ti SLi will pull about 300 W peak by the PSU/

    So sum it up

    Cpu = 77W So lets say 100W with some OC
    Gpu = 320W With OC
    Hdd = 15 W
    Dvd = 15-25 W
    Fans consume barely 1W each
    Ssd = 1W
    Its ram stick 8 W =16W

    All its 480W

    So your psu is more than enough :)
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