My potential gaming rig

im leaning towards these components for my gaming computer and it will be used mostly for battlefield 3. any opinions on what i should replace/add/ or if its good enough? thanks

intel core i5-3570k 3.4 ghz
asus p8z77-v le motherboard
sapphire radeon hd 6950 2gb 256bit video card
8gb g.skill ram
WD caviar blue 500gb hard drive
seasonic m12ll 520W power supply
sony dvd/cd rom
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    make the video card a 7870 and your are good 2 go
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  3. Hello, I saw that this thread has already been "solved", but I feel I must put my two cents in nonetheless. I would make only a few suggestions regarding your potential rig. For one, in my opinion, you might as well spend the extra 30 bucks and go for the i7 3770k instead only for the hyper threading. Another suggestion would be to get the "black" edition WD HDD, it is much better performance and a much better transfer rate which will come in handy seeing as how you intend to build a gaming computer. My last suggestion would be a bigger power supply. While 500w is "probably" big enough, certain games and certain applications will draw very close to that if not more, and if you are drawing more power from the wall than your PSU is designed to handle, you run the risk of blowing up a capacitor in your motherboard and allowing raw electricity to run through your motherboard, frying every component connected to it.

    hope this helped! :)
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