Radeon HD5670 Pcie 2GB in my inspiron 530

Hello, im new here guys. ive been waiting for diablo 3 for 3 years, and after i install it, i find out my video card wont support it(very depressing) so ive done my research and i dont know much about computers, but the hd5670 seems to be the clear cut choice for me. my concern is will it be compatible? it seems that inspiron 530's(not slim) have a pcie 1.0 and this seems to be a 2.0 or 2.1, not sure. the one im looking into buying is:


can anyone confirm if this would work on a inspiron 530 from 07-08, with a 300w psu? (btw large majorities say 300w will be fine for this low consumption card, just adding that in case it matters)

looking to order this tomorrow if it will work out, please and thank you guys!
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  1. You'll probably be fine. The 5670 isn't powerful enough to saturate a 1.0 link.

    The potential issue is that the amount of power delivered through the PCIe slot was increased in 2.0, and that card doesn't appear to have an external power connector so it's got to get all it's power through the slot.

    AMD's specs say the card draws at most 64 watts, and PCIe 1.0 delivers 75 watts through the slot (versus 150W for 2.0), so I don't think there will be a problem, but it's too close for me to say for sure.
  2. thank you! so would you suggest maybe a different manufacturer? like i said idk much about comps, so idk if manufacturer matters, but all threads say a 5670 will work on my pc, but this was the cheapest new 5670 i found, and i want to make sure this would work over, say a sapphire or amd.
  3. ooooh shiny. whats the power usage like on that 6670 though?
  4. man ive been set on the 5670 for the past like 4 hours.. im nervous about switching lol but that cheaper price is beautiful.. i guess ill take ur word for it, along with another 4 hours of research before i make my choice lol. thank you
  5. a number of people seem to have problems with the pcie 2.1 . is that was a 5670 is? so there would be no difference in compatibility?
  6. mardesty92 said:
    a number of people seem to have problems with the pcie 2.1 . is that was a 5670 is? so there would be no difference in compatibility?

    Problems with using newer PCIe cards in 1.0 slots are frequently due to the change in power delivered through the slot. With PCIe 2.0 and newer you can have much more powerful cards without needing external power connectors. These more powerful cards, however, can't get enough juice from a 1.0 board and won't work.

    If the card has no external power connectors and requires more than 75W, it won't work with anything older than PCIe 2.0. Outside that, issues with PCIe backward compatibility are very rare.
  7. thanks guys just ordered! cant wait!
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