Graphics Card not detected

Hey all!

I want to thank you all in advance for aiding me with my big problem!!

I am currently running a Hp Pavillion a6109n (link:
Please note the motherboard is a M2N68-LA (Narra3) motherboard
Prcoessor Amd 64 x 2 3800 +
On board graphics, and I want to upgrade to geforce 9800 gtx +
PSU 500w Coolmaster

Problem: My monitor does not turn on while plugged into video card, when I check hardware while plugged into onboard my video card is not listed.

What have i tried/done:

I first disabled onboard graphics, and looked to unistall any drivers, however there were none in "add and remove hardware", powered down my pc.I then plugged in the 9800 gtx in the pci x E 16 slot. Power on the PC, go to bios and change my video adapter to PCIxE 16.

Please not i also unistalled (later) my onboard graphics to be sure everything was unistalled**

When I plug my monitor into the video card, there is no video feed. However, when i plug it into the onboard everything is fine.

I installed the video card drives as well as updating bios and windows.

I dont think it is a power issue because the video card fan is on and there is a green light emitting from it, red when its not properly placed in slot. I also have 2 6 pin adapters going into it. One thing Ive noticed is that one of my 6 pins is missing a pin and has 5, but i dont think it is an issue because the card is powered on.

I took me forever to fit in the 9800 gtx because of how tight the micro atc mobo was, though i am more than certain it is fully in due to the green light and spinning fan.

Also when I access device manager i do not see the hardware (through onboard monitor). Whenever i install the drivers (nvdia) my onboard graphic gets installed and is enabled.

Don't know what is left to do :(( Please help! Its been 2 weeks ive been going at it and finally decided to ask the aid of the real experts out there!

If something is unclear please let me know!
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  1. Same old issue. HP uses crap motherboard. Your motherboard cannot provide sufficient power through its pci express x16 lane because it only supports pci express x16 1.0.

    PCI Express x16 2.0 Graphics is backward compatible to PCI Express x16 1.0 motherboard only if it can provide sufficient power through the lane.
  2. Damn, that's what i was afraid of :(, i guess my only solution is a new mobo or just a new pc!

    Thanks for your timely response!
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