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Hello, i have a Asus g55vw laptop with an atheros AR8151 network card (as far as i know)
The question/problem, is that i live on my school 24/7, and most of my friends seem to get alot higher internet speed than me.
we are supposed to have 100 mbps download and upload.
But i when i speedtest it varies from 10-30, and sometimes its down under 1 mbps when its laggy.
Now the thing is that most of the others get around 30-40 but the a friend of mine with a mac gets 80+ everytime, and same with another guy who has an acer. they seem to leech our internet as soon as theirs go on.
So, any suggestions?
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  1. Buy an LTE card for your laptop.
  2. uhmm, can you recommend any specific or doesnt it really matter which ?
    also, are you sure it would help getting an LTE card?
  3. Well, Verizon or LTE cars for laptops use the same networks as cellphones with LTE work. The internet is very fast even in major cities and coverage is expanding like a virus so I think it is a good investment. Check which carrier has best coverage in your area first.
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