E5200 core temperature

Hello,is 53 degrees normal for idle temperature of e5200 core?
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  1. Its a bit hot for idle, what are your load temps?
  2. sorry but i don't know how to measure them ...i have speedfan
  3. i know how to read the graph
  4. Download Prime95, save it in a folder you can easily find, extract the files, run the application, select small FFTs and use speedfan to check temps.
  5. Yes.
  6. i should press ok after selecting FFTs then open speedfan?
  7. until now core 0,core 1 peak of 68
  8. i closed prime 95
  9. how long should i run prime 95
  10. Run it for a few minutes.

    68c isn't a very bad temp but it isn't very good either.
  11. so what should i do
  12. Well you can clean out your system of dust.
  13. thanks! i'll do that if necessary...
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