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550w for 660 enough?

hi!, Ive been looking to upgrade my gpu and I am not entirely sure my XFX 550w will be enough to power EVGA 660 overclocked one. or even MSI 660ti PE

Cpu: AMD 1090t (not overclocked yet)
Hdd: 7200 rpm sata
3 or 4 case fans, keyboard mouse, dvd drive, ssd

Also i guess ill ask this in same thread but is it a worthy upgrade over single 6870? and would it bottleneck the 1090t or would i have to overclock it, and can i with same psu?
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  2. Hi :)

    Yes easily...

    All the best Brett :)
  3. Few high-end single-CPU single-GPU setups use more than 350W even with overclocking. A high-quality 450W PSU would cover just about any modern non-SLI/CFX mainstream configuration.
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  5. Sounds good, thanks :D
  6. Your welcome!
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