No image from my monitor after new sli install 560

I have a Sabertooth z77 mobo with 2 gtx560(non ti) and a corsair 750 watt power supply

I have 3 pci express slots 2x 3.0 ports and 1x 2.0 i have both card on the top 3.0 and middle 3.0 pci express but i get no image from my monitor any tips?
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    Check your cable to see if its secure in the input of your card.

    Can you get into bios at all?

    If you cant, remove the second card and get into the bios, and select pcie as your primary display in the advanced section.
    Then try again.
  2. alright i just switched cards my main one was on the bottom and i moved it to the top and now it works do i need to install special sli drivers?
  3. Download the latest drivers from Nvidia and do a clean install by choosing custom install and clicking the check box for clean install.
  4. should i download the beta drivers (i had those before)
  5. Yup they are good!
  6. sweet well not yet i realized i didnt have the sli bridge on (fail ) lol
  7. I was gonna say dont forget the SLI

    Dont forget to enable SLI in the Nvidia control panel too.
  8. should i use the X4 mode or X1(currently on x1) for my 3.0
  9. Don't use the third slot , use the first and second.

    When using the first and second it will become 8x8

    The third slot is x4, dont bother with that one.
  10. O ok thanks
  11. Also i noticed u have the sabertooth how do i OC it? it stays at 1.6 ghz
  12. Thats weird.
    Did you put the cable into the top card or the second card?
  13. no i edited my mesage it just took a while. I meant OC the cpu i have the 2500k
  14. Overclocking is difficult to explain and some reading and experience really helps.

    Best to check out this guide on how to overclock
  15. alright thanks :-)
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