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I m facing a weird issue.
My laptop works fine on wireless connection for sometime.
And after sometime all of a sudden even though the connection shows Internet Access I cannot open any site or do anything related to internet for that matter.

Strange thing is when i plug in an ethernet cable into the laptop.The Wireless connection starts working,Please note this is not Wired connection that i establish,I just plug in the Cable in LAN Slot the connection through which i access net in this scenario is the Wireless connection.
As soon as i unplug it again I get disconnected from internet even though the network shows Internet Access.
Can someone please help me solve this issue.
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  1. If your wireles is not working, and you plug in a cable, the computer will connect through that. Does this happen everywhere or just your house? Test the wifi connection in other places. If it's good elsewhere, you need to check your router for issues or replace it.
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