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I Replaced My Power Supply and Now My DVD Drive Isn't Working

I bought a new power supply and graphics card based on Wolfshadw's suggestion. It works very well, except for one thing. After I upgraded the power supply and graphics card, my DVD drive won't read discs. I've tried three different discs and none of them work.

Since this was my first time installing a power supply and graphics card, I'm assuming I did something wrong. Everything else seems to be working fine. When I press the eject button, the disc tray comes out and I put a disc in. But it doesn't read on my computer, as if I hadn't put a disc in.

Could there be a problem with the connectors? They're all securely connected. My old power supply only had four things connected and my new one has six different connector types. I connected the four new connectors where the old ones used to go and I left the others alone. Those four connectors are 24-pin and a 4-pin connected to the motherboard, one SATA cable connected to the hard drive and one to the DVD drive.

The remaining, unused cables are a 6-pin PCI-E Cable, a 4-pin Peripheral Cable and a 4-pin floppy cable. Did I make a mistake somewhere?
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  1. Check if you bumped the DATA cable to the drive loose.
  2. You obviously have power to the drive. Check your SATA cable connections (both ends), if that doesn't do it, Look in device manager and see if it shows up there - and any warnings. If still nothing, look in BIOS to see if your optical drive is being recognized.
  3. I switched the SATA cables to see if maybe there was something wrong with the one connected to my optical drive. Nope, my computer turned on okay but I still have the same problem with the DVD drive.

    I used your suggestions, Friedman. The SATA cable connections are secure on both ends. When I looked in device manager, I found it only recognizes the Hitachi SATA Disk Device, which I think is my hard drive. It's not recognizing my optical drive like it's supposed to, is it? What should I do?
  4. In device manager it should be listed under DVD/CD-ROM Devices, a different area than your hard drive so that should be your optical drive. Is there a model number after Hitachi? You should be able to pull up it's properties by right clicking on it - see what it says
  5. DVD/CD-ROM Devices isn't showing in Device Manager. When I go to My Computer, my DVD drive doesn't appear there, either.

    The Hitachi device says, "This device is working properly." Its model number is HDS721010CLA630.
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    The Hitachi's a hard drive no doubt there. in device manager, "view" you can select "show hidden devices". See if anything that way
  7. Found the problem. When I removed my old power supply, I removed the cable that connects the DVD drive to the motherboard. When I replaced the power supply, I never plugged it back in. I did just now and now it's working perfectly. Thanks for working with me on this, Friedman.
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