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Hi. I am building a system for Christmas.
So far I decided everything and double and triple check some components I had doubts with,namely the PSU and GPU.
Now I am looking at the case,NZXT Phantom 410 black, and somehow I missed the "no fan filter" part.
I love the look of the case and the 8 fans it can support,expecially the pivot fan that will be pointed at the GPU dead-on.

Should I be worried with the case not having filter?The case will be on the ground and I am afraid hair will get stuck on the fans decreasing their performance.

What should I do?Should I buy fan filter(would need 4)that are expensive or should I simply buy another case where this is not a problem?The 4 filters would cost almost as much as the case itself.

Also I am fitting a Noctua D14 in there and a side 140mm fan fits.

Any other case suggestions with similar fan support(pivot expecially)would be welcome,more even a case where the side fan blows towards the GPU.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. If the air circulation is proper, the case should have positive air flow, meaning dust particles will be constantly forced out when the system is running. Having said that, I too have always been a fan of filtered intakes. If not too late, you may want to consider replacing the case. Of course, you could always fabricate your own from A/C filter media found at most hdwr stores. But on a high end case like that, you may not like the finished look.
  2. Thanks for the input.

    I found these cheaper and semingly good quality filter:


    They can be cleansed easily thus removing the dust problem.
    Indeed with good air flow dust goes in and out but hair doesnt,it becomes stuck on the fans and reduces its flow.Besides dust will definately stick around the back of the motherboard and on the coners.Using these 4 filters on the intakes will greatly reduce that.

    I plan on keeping this case forever so I think it is a good investment given the Phantom 410's quality and looks.
    Homemade filters are harder to make work right as if the foam is too thin it will reduce air flow but too wide it will allow dust inside and it is hard to measure that on the vaccum filters available.I rather spend a bit more on certified products than guessing around.And vaccum filter are not that inexpensive and are hard to come buy.

    I might use foam to seal the sides of the case if noise "escapes" through although I havent seen any report of the case being loud.Time will tell.

    Thanks again.
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