Video card too close to sound card=+TEN degrees!

I have a geforce 8600gt that is just millimeters away from a sound blaster x-fi. There are no other pci express slots to move them too. I was only a bit concerned about this a few months back when i first installed the sound card, but after a recent reformat, i noticed screen tearing on videos and thought my video card may be hot. So i did the test; using cpuid, the geforce idles around 65 degrees celcius WITHOUT the sound card. WITH the sound card, it idles around 75 DEGREES Celsius, a whopping TEN degree difference. imagine what happens when i play games. So my question is, how much of a difference will my audio quality be if i downgrade to an asus xonar DG, or what other options do i have i guess lol.

Intel D101GGC Pentium 4 524 3.06 ghz 1gb ram
geforce 8600gt
sound blaster x-fi titanium fatality pro
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  1. 65C idle is way too hot... something is wrong either with the card, your fan profiles, or your case airflow

    What are your load temps?
  2. Right now I have both cards in. watching 1080p videos seems to bring the card to a max of 80C max. I noticed that as it reached this temp, the gpu fan moves up to 50% speed, and that seems to hold the temp at 80. most other times the fan is at 30 or 40 percent, perhaps this is a problem. But if its automatic, I dont see how it could be..
  3. It definitely isn't normal for watching movie to be at 80C. When was the last time you cleaned its heatsink?
  4. Take a can of compressed air and really clean up your video card, I feel like there's dust bunnies clogging it up
  5. if you want to try something NOW go get EVGA Precision X and set JUST the fan to 100% and see if it blows anything out or atleast cools down your gpu.
    but please get a can of air and clean that out.

    sorry i just noticed you have a little 8600, that doesn't even have a shroud . .couldn't get that clogged up(?)
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