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Well, if I didn't preorder too late, Newegg should be sending me a beautiful white Prodigy case in the next couple days, and I'm hoping to get some opinions on keeping it beautiful.

Mainly I'm concerned with fans and the cables. I'm strongly leaning toward white NZXT fans, for obvious reasons, but maybe I should get standard black fans instead for some nice contrast? I really do like the looks of Corsair's new SP and AF series fans...

The fan situation relates to my CPU cooling as well. NH-D14, H100 or ...? Something about the thought of half my case being taken up by a CPU cooler interests me, but the H100 is probably 100x better visually. (H100 + white NZXT fans = :love: ?) Opinions? Maybe a completely different cooler? (OC'd 2600k btw)

Finally (for now), the PSU. Again, considering NZXT, the Hale90. Any input on it, or any "better" white PSUs that anyone knows of? Also, regardless of the unit I get, I'd like to sleeve the cables in white and cut them to length. (Unless black would contrast better?) Can someone point me in the direction of the necessary tools and advice I'd need to do that properly? My cable management has always sucked, even in much larger cases, so this is something I'm willing to invest time in to do properly.

I'm sure I'll need more help later, but for now any and all advice is much appreciated, thanks :)
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  1. Flagging to respond from Pc
  2. You never responded :(
  3. Sorry man, I lost the flag on it,
    I'm at a bike rally this weekend but when I get home sunday I'll link some modding sites for you and a sleeving guide,

  4. I have a Hale90 and it's great.
  5. Motopsychojdn said:
    Sorry man, I lost the flag on it,
    I'm at a bike rally this weekend but when I get home sunday I'll link some modding sites for you and a sleeving guide,


    Much appreciated.

    Anonymous said:
    I have a Hale90 and it's great.

    Thanks, that's one part down.
  6. For some reason it won't let me edit my post... just wanted to add that I still haven't got the case yet. Here's hoping I get one from their next batch on the 19th!
  7. Having recently joined a certain site, I found this for you man,
    I think it covers just about anything vables sleeving-wise, and also mentions a site of two for modding, are you US based or UK?
    Also, try 'quick edit' instead of edit, i often find that works when the other won't
  8. Perfect timing, they finally got a shipment and processed my order a few hours ago!

    Love the guide. Just realized Nils' drawings are pretty self explanatory, but you can never have too much info. I'm US based, even though for some reason, every time I come back here it brings me to the UK site... why do you ask?

    Well I guess it's time to start buying everything else now, even though I haven't received much advice on my parts yet :( any chance I could get an opinion on the sleeving at least? White or black?
  9. I only asked because if you are UK like me, then theres no point in me linking US modding sites like mnpc hehe
    White sleeving contrasts really well with black cases so if you can keep cables tidy it looks beautiful,
    although most of my cables are invisible and what you can see is black, white is fast becoming a favourite amongst builders

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