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Hello guys, i have a question: i have a HD 6870 and i'm experiencing a problem with un-installing and installing the new AMD Catalyst drivers. I had the 11.10 version and downloaded the latest (12.4). I remember mading a mistake some days ago and installing the new version without a previous un-install of the older. Strang thing is, Pitstop Driver Alert (the program i use to recognize outdated drivers) recognize a new version, while on Catalyst Control Center (CCC) it says that i still have the version 11.1. So, what i'm trying is to get rid of that and do a clean fresh install of the 12.4. The problem is, i CAN'T un-install 11.1 because the process of uninstalling do not get complete before the screen goes black (not totally black, you can still see some icons on the desk but they are all-saturated, like the colors of MS Paint. This happens after the resolution changes from native to 640x480). So i have to restore the system to before the un-installing trying.

On a side note, the Windows Experience Evaluation was originally showing 7.8 (max) in Graphics and Graphics Gaming, but it's now showing 6. I think this has to do with a bad installation or having to drivers installed at the same time...

Any suggestion?
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  1. Anyone?
  2. try downloading ati/amd packages from ati radeon website
  3. for ubuntu
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