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Radeon HD6700 fan broken, help!

Last response: in Graphics & Displays
May 16, 2012 2:36:21 AM

I bought a new desktop recently, with an AMD Radeon HD6700 GPU. It's been running fine for the past 6 months or so, probably the most stress on it was running Mass Effect 2/3, both of which it did with no problem.

Recently moved the computer into a new house, and today installed Diablo 3. Fired up D3, and a couple minutes in the computer shut down, definitely seemed like a GPU overheat issue. GPU is very hot to the touch, and the fan on the heatsink directly under the card doesn't turn on at all. Poked the fan, and two halves of the blade fell out, they'd been broken in there, presumably jamming up the fan so it wouldn't spin to cool my card.

My questions are:
1) Am I correct in assuming my moving the computer to a new house in the car (very carefully packaged up in the original box/styrafoam/layers) likely has nothing to do with my broken fan? If so, what probably is? I would imagine it shouldn't be breaking ~6months into it's life.
2) Is this a matter of fixing the fan itself, the GPU cooling system, or the whole GPU itself?
3) Is the fix doable for someone with little to no computer hardware installation experience? I'm not afraid to get my hands dirty with it, and could certainly give it a shot if it's fairly clear/straight forward...

Thanks a lot for the help!

Best solution

May 16, 2012 2:57:07 AM

if you PC turn on, get into windows, have video and can even start any game by now, you just need a heatsink/fan remplacement which normally are cheap, and most heatsinks are universal so you can add it with not really much efforts.

I would recomend you get it to the place where you brought it and call for any kind for warranty, because could that the fans came slight broken or defective... If they dont want to fix/change your GPU, you can always fix yourself with something like this

Or cheaper :

Or if you card is something like the HD6790 i have which is kinda long

You should read guides and watch videos before any try to remplace it yourself, a gpu's pcb are pretty fragile...

And the last, if your pc dont get into windows and you dont have video on your screem, your GPU failed and you gotta buy a new one... or call for your warranty for a change...
May 16, 2012 3:05:49 AM

Fortunately I haven't fried the GPU. So it looks like I just need to replace the heatsink/fan. Looking at the two you linked me to, the first one is listed as compatible with my 6700 series ADM Radeon, and the second one isn't. You did however mention that they are more or less universal. With that in mind, is it a pretty safe bet to buy one similar to the cheaper one you linked, or is it generally better to stick with heatsinks/fans which are specifically compatible with my card?

You also mentioned guides/videos. I'd definitely like to check that out before I go poking around too extensively. Is there a good library of that kind of thing I could find somewhere to dig through for those?

Thanks a lot!

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May 16, 2012 12:21:30 PM

horaciopz said:
There are 3 cards from the AMD HD6700 series, which one do you have? because for a HD6790 I would recommend your a bigger fan/better heatsink, but for HD6750 just the stock heatsink and a big and ugly fan blowing into it would work pretty good...

also this is old but will give you an idea, its kinda straight forward but should be made careful.

And a video..

I'm not at home now, so I'll have to do a little more digging later on, but I'm 90% sure it's the AMD Radeon HD6770. Looks like this is between the two you mentioned? (the 6750 and 6790). With that in mind, would you recommend the 'bigger fan/better heatsink' or a more standard, stock fan?

Thanks again for your help :) 
May 16, 2012 1:46:14 PM

fine buddy, if its the HD6770 you can choice both options...

Think about it, if you don't care about looks because your case is always close and you care about performance, i can suggest you add a small and fast fan as a temporary fix, get a case fan of suitable size and attach it using zip (or cable) ties but do not keep running the card without cooling, you will damage it and that may void the warranty.
There are plenty of good aftermarket coolers around so you gotta see which one is in your likes...

also for a HD6770 getting the cooler that suggest will keep it alive for at lease a year more with no troubles..
May 16, 2012 10:56:05 PM

Best answer selected by VTMatt4960.
May 16, 2012 10:59:37 PM

I've ordered the replacement fan per your advice (as it happens, it's actually the HD6750 card). I'm going to check out the tutorials and such to help me put it in, and install it tomorrow. Hopefully that all goes well.

Thanks again for the help, very much appreciated. :)