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Question about extension cable

I'm new to building and having a desktop, so if this isn't entirely clear, sorry. I have a Cooler Master Silent Pro M700 power supply as well as an ASUS P8H77-V motherboard and a cable from the power supply is somewhat shorter than my 24 pin connector and cannot be hidden behind the case like all my other cables. This problem isn't huge, but the cable does just hang on my video card. Cooler Master's website lists the cable as a CPU 4+4 Pin and I'm wondering if this Athena Power Model Cable- 8" would be the appropriate extension cable so that I can manage my cables a little better. Thank you for any help and if necessary, I can always (try to) provide more information.
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    Yes that will work for the 4+4pin cable.
  2. Thank you! Going to buy this now
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