HD 7770 reboot loop, help?

Hi there, I just bought a Sapphire Radeon HD 7770 and a Corsair TX550M PSU to upgrade my old HP desktop. The desktop model is HPE-210y. I put removed the old 5450 and 300w psu and put in the new parts with no problem( took precautions to not give off an esd). Before I put the new card in though, I uninstalled the old AMD drivers. I put in the the 7770 and boot up the comp. It started up perfectly( without the drivers of course) and I proceeded to install the new drivers for the card. It asked for a reboot so I did, but after it got past the windows is loading screen and on to my desktop, the screen went black.

Now I checked the BIOS to see if the onboard graphics were on, but they weren't and the motherboard was using the PCIe slot for graphics. I booted up into safe mode and unistalled all the 7770 drivers from device manager, the catalyst software, and driver sweeper. I removed the card and decided to download the drivers before I put the card back in. Once everything was done and I put the card inside, the comp restarts on its own after reaching my desktop from windows is loading screen. This keeps happening over and over.

I removed the card and put back the 5450, and it ran fine so the PCIe slot was still good. PSU wasn't dead seeing as how all the fans were working and comp was stable with 5450. And I don't think the 7770 is bad because my comp recognizes it. Only after when I download the 7770 driver do I get the reboot loop problem. Also I did make sure all power connectors were in properly and I had the 6pin connector into the card. I even cleared my CMOS to see if it you fix the problem. I even checked all my ram slots.

I don't know what else to do and I fear that I may have to reinstall windows and I tried not to do that because I didn't want to lose any files seeing as how a lot of people in my household use this comp. I was thinking of taking it to a comp technician to get it checked out, but I want to see if anyone here knew how to fix it.
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  1. I tried once more to delete the old drivers and reinstalling, using both ccleaner and driver sweeper. I don't get the reboot loop anymore, but my comp shows a black screen after loading up my desktop.

    EDIT: The black screen was short lived and it went back into a reboot loop.
  2. So it happen only when you put 7770 card on your system? Then there is issue with the card think. Try check 7770 on another system. See if same thing happen again. Automatic restart happen from hardware failure.
  3. When you want to replace hardware in the computer, you had better remove the drivers, which you said you did, and also remove the hardware in Device Manager putting a checkmark in the box that reads Remove the drivers for this hardware. After this, you shut your computer down, remove the old hardware and refit the new hardware. Then you install the drivers for that hardware.

    If you have another PCIe x16 slot on the motherboard, I suggest you install the card there and try the card.

    This is a PCIe version 3.0 card, which should be compatible with PCIe version 2.0. Did you check if your motherboard has a BIOS update ?
  4. I'm not too sure if its a faulty card or its my motherboard because before I had gotten the 7770 and 550 psu, I tried to install a 7750 with the stock hp 300w psu. I was getting reboot loops with that as well, but I thought the solution was to change my psu. So that's when I returned the 7750, bought the tx550m and I decided to go up one and get the 7770 as well.

    My motherboard is a mATX board so it only has 1 PCIe x16 2.0. The specs for the stock desktop is here:

    Also I don't have another comp to try the 7770 on. I was at this all day and can't seem to get it to work. Could I be so unlucky to get 2 bad cards or have I missed something?

    Edit: I did check for any BIOS updates, but there were none.
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    If your PC runs in Safe Mode, which you confirm it does, that means ATI drivers for 7xxx series cards and another software / driver are conflicting with each other. You may wait for some time for the ATI software to become mature for 7xxx series cards.

    EDIT: Please boot into Advanced Options Menu and disable Automatically Restart option so that you can read and post the error messages, which help identify the problem, next time the crash occurs because your PC will stop at the BSOD screen.
  6. Maybe your mobo conflicting with latest card i think. Two card dont have same issue like this.
  7. I took my comp to the technician and it turns out somehow in the process of uninstalling/installing drivers my OS got corrupted. Gonna try a factory reset and then see if it works.
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