Dreadful effects of CPU bottleneck

I have an emachines w3609, it came with a single core stock intel celeron 356 CPU which runs at 3.33ghz, and I've replaced the stock graphics card that came with the machine with an ATI Radeon HD 5450. When I installed the card I found that the sound coming from my speakers and headphones were cracking. The cracking normally triggers when I scroll down or click a link while listening to music through some other application in the background such as realplayer, or windows media player.

I still don't know if this is the cause of a bottleneck or if it's my PSU (Cooler Master Elite 460W) not providing enough power, or the video card causing interference. I do know that it's not the speakers because I've tried them with another computer and they work just fine. I removed the card from the system once and that stopped the cracking. But I am unsure which is the problem, If bottlenecks does stuff like this, I already found a compatible dual core during some research that I can buy to fix the problem, and I'm all open to buy a new Power supply if thats causing the problem
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  1. Not bottleneck nor power issue. Might be a conflict between the AMD sound on the card and the original onboard. Check if both are in device manager and disable the one on the card.
  2. I disabled the card on device manager and tried listening to music on youtube and realplayer, when I scroll while listening to music on youtube it starts to crack, when I don't scroll or interact with my mouse/keyboard or anything, sound is fine with no cracking, same for realplayer
  3. I think I'm going to upgrade my CPU as of it being a bottleneck problem, I was in task manager and I went to performance and I looked at the graph whenever I'm not scrolling my mouse on my web browser/realplayer, CPU usage remain around 4-10% and sounds are really good. I started scrolling the mouse up and down, and the CPU usage went to 70% or higher and the sound starts cracking/pausing. Sometimes I found when I open a webpage in a new tab by clicking the scroll in the middle of the mouse, this brings cpu usage up to 100% as the new webpage loads and the sound cracks again, when the website loads it decreases again to around 7% to 13% and the cracking stops.
  4. Hi :)

    Its NOT bottlenecking... its another problem..

    Either a mouse or USB problem...you DID try another mouse and another usb slot ?

    All the best Brett :)
  5. If it's not bottlenecking how do you explain the CPU spikes I'm getting? from 4-10% CPU usage to over 70% and yes I've tried a new mouse; usb mouse, and the stock mouse that goes into that green slot on the motherboard, I've also verified it's not my speakers nor my mouse by testing them in another machine and the speakers also into a laptop, and they work fine in the other machine without a problem. I've also tried using new speakers with the system I'm experiencing the cracking with, and they cause the new speakers to crack too, then I tried the new speakers into my other machine, still no cracking. I'll do another test tomorrow by removing all the upgrades that I've installed for my pc excluding the power supply and see what happens
  6. sounds like your motherboard is stuffed and the onboard sound is getting interference from something. Maybe get a cheap add-on sound card to test this and disable onboard sound, its your cheapest option to troubleshooting.
  7. I will try what you said above, also guys heres some pics of the CPU spikes I get when constantly scrolling while playing music over 60 seconds and while streaming music without scrolling over 60 seconds


  8. Btw when I get a new soundcard to disable onboard, I just disable it in device manager? Then hook my speakers up to new soundcard? Also another thing I forgot to mension is that the sound crack through both front and rare panel
  9. Disable on-board sound in bios. Plug speakers into new sound card. Load drivers. Good luck.
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