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8gb ram vs 12gb ram

Hi, in my new build, ill was gonna go with 8gigs of ram. But then since I will be video editing/rendering for youtube, I decided to go with 12. But I need to know if it will make much of a difference.
This is the build
Also suggesting some ram would be nice as well :)
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  1. Either go with 8 or 16GB. 16GB will help with editing.
  2. Why not 12? And do you know which 16 I should get?
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    The 1155 chipset supports Dual Channel RAM.

    This means the best configuration to have is Two DIMMS of higher density, rather than four lower density DIMMS

    So look for a 2x8GB kit to purchase.
    This RAM
    Is only a bit more expensive, and would be the best choice for you.
  4. Your motherboard and CPU is set up for dual channel ram, either two or 4 sticks.
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