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High end CPUs: Amd vs intel

I was wondering what some people's opinions on which high end (150 dollars or more, at least that's what I consider high end :p) processors come out on top, intel or amd? There seem to lots of choices in variety in CPUs but once they get to a certain point they tend to thin out and you have only a few choices. Are high end intel CPUs better than amds? Amd is usually known for their cost friendly prices, and intel for their quality, so how does that come out once they all start to get expensive? Let me know what you think!
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    $300 or more is only Intel! Currently the highest priced AMD (apart from server CPU's) is only $219. Intel can charge more since they perform better.
  2. Haha oops should have done my research :/
  3. Intel can charge more because they are Intel!
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