Problem: I want to have all three Monitors...


I want to have all three Monitors working together.

I have looked at an external video (USB-to-VGA,DVI,HDMI)
$45-$50 (@1680x1050)

However, I've got a gift card to "BestBuy" $20 and I was looking at the sale they had on video cards.

I'm looking to spend no more than $50 ($70 @ BestBuy).

I am asking which is the option I should take:


Another video card using (One PCI Express x1 or PCI) slot
Get a card that supports 3 displays?

I would like to get this ASAP.

Card I've Looked At:

XFX HD667XZNFQ Radeon HD 6670 Video Card - 1024MB, DDR3, PCI-Express 2.1 (x16), 2x DVI, 1x Mini-HDMI, DirectX 11, Single-Slot
TigerDirect 49.99

W7 Pro 64-bit (SP 1)

Asus P5BW-LA

Socket type: 775
Intel P965

Intel Core 2 Quad 2.4

800/1066 MHz

640 GB (2 x 320 GB drives)
SATA 3.0 GB/sec @ 7200

6 GB 240-pin DDR2 DIMM
PC2-6400 (800 MHz)

One PCI Express x1
One PCI Express x16

DirectX version: 11.0
GPU processor: GeForce GT 240
DirectX support: 10.1
CUDA Cores: 96
Core clock: 550 MHz
Shader clock: 1340 MHz
Memory clock: 900 MHz (1800 MHz data rate)
Memory interface: 128-bit
Total available graphics memory: 3839 MB
Dedicated video memory: 1024 MB DDR3
System video memory: 0 MB
Shared system memory: 2815 MB
IRQ: 16
Bus: PCI Express x16

Ultra 650 Watt

2 AOC 2343 1920x1080 (max)
1 HP w2207 1680x1050 (max)

Gaming: Bioshock, Diablo 3 (When I buy it in a Month)

Video: YES (Not Blu Ray, Happy with just one Display to watch DVD's)

Main Use of PC:
Word, GNS3, Video Chat, VPN, Surf Net.

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  1. You wand three monitors connected as if it is one giant monitor?

    Sorry to break it to ya, but first, your three monitors all have to be the same resolution, and you're going to need something like a $300 video card to run that system...
  2. They do not have to be the same resolution, I would like for all the to be working on the same computer. Example- One page excel, another word, last one a video. I don't expect to have one video across all three.

    As this is my first post, I am sorry for the lack if information.
  3. Ahh, in that case a much cheaper card would work. Donna much about the 6670 you are looking at though, sorry. It should work on paper...
  4. You posted more than enough information, dont worry there.
    vmem is talking about eyefinity with the same resolutions, dont worry about that.

    The thing is though that your nVidia card does not do more than 2 monitors, and your motherboard I dont think supports adding another video card, SLI.
    Next, the card you have picked out, an XFX 6670 does not support 3 monitors and thats roughly the best you will be able to do for $50. Any chance to increase your budget a little bit more?

    I will look for a cheap card that supports 3 monitors
  5. I think this is the cheapest card you can find that will support 3 monitors...
    $75 after rebate + $7 shipping

    For $50 you can get a usb to dvi or vga or hdmi, whatever connector you need for your 3rd monitor
  6. @ Delirious788:

    Thank You for the help and next payday I'll order it. Now, What to do with my old video card??? :)
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