Scan 3xs Overclocked i5

Would this be good value with the 600w psu and Win7 OEM.
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  1. Paul F1 said:

    Would this be good value with the 600w psu and Win7 OEM.

    What will you be using it for?
  2. Quote:
    What will you be using it for?

    Gaming, i'll probably add a gtx 670 to it or a 7950 so i can play new games that are coming out e.g Rome 2
  3. Add the 670 and its a good system, just 2 more things, what pc case are they using on that system and make it 8gb of ram.
  4. I'm going to use a 6670 till Christmas and then upgrade to the 670 as i don't have enough money yet for a high end GPU.

    For the case i'll be using a Novatech Prowler
  5. Well that case is one of the best value gaming cases out there and easy to mod and add extra cooling ive used many of them in cheap gaming builds for friends, however invest in a couple of these on all the intake fans as it will massively cut down on dust in your system which is a killer.

    What i would do is add another 2 x 120mm fans on that side panel as air intakes to blow over your gpu and mobo and again dont forget to add those air filters so you will need 2 x 120mm fans and 3 of those fan filters.

    These fans will do..

    Oh and it will easily fit a GTX560ti in there so should also manage the GTX670
  6. Thanks for the advice :)
  7. The first link ones are good and ive used them before.

    and heres the fans, they also do them in red and green, but your front fan is already blue so get the blue ones i would.
  8. Why not amazon, as there in stock now, and you will save money on postage.
  9. I'm not building the pc just yet, i'm just planning it for when i sell my games console and my laptop.

    edit: Oh wait the supplier was charging £2 P&P on Amazon.
    edit: OK i was wrong Scan is £4 p&p
  10. I would be paying £53 extra for the 3xs overclocking so would it be worth overclocking the i5 myself and would it be easy enough to do?
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