Radeon HIS 6850 screen corruption during boot.

I have a problem with HIS 6850 Radeon card. It was working fine for a couple of weeks, with low and heavy load (normal use and demanding video games) and everything was fine. Yesterday though, I was playing Diablo 3, which is not a very demanding game in terms on straining the video card, but a couple times there were some little artifacts on the screen, in forms of little colour blocks, but after a couple seconds everything went back to normal, but one time the computer just froze, and after restart there is heavy screen corruption during boot sequence and Windows is not even starting up.
It looks like this:

I tried removing the card, checking if everything is connected properly, cleaning the ports, trying a different monitor or cable - nothing seems to work.
Is it a faulty card or something I am missing?
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  1. could be two things..bad ram on the video card or the lcd pannel went bad.if you have a laptop plug it into the lcd screen and see if it fine. plug the pc into another screen.
  2. I tried plugging in another monitor, tried another cable - nothing helps. When the boot screen changes from first screen to the second screen, before going into Windows boot animation, screen corruption changes pattern, so I doubt that it's a problem with monitor.
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