Build Overlook

How does this build look?

GPU- (Got mine for free.)



PSU- (Got it for $110 W/ Free S&H on a "shell shocker.")

CPU- (Will eventually upgrade.)


Case- (Will put in more fans.)


And copy of Win. 7

I've spent a ton of time reviewing what will be the best for my money and for future upgrades; spending countless hours checking benchmarks and reviews.
Since my school doesn't really teach anything with PC tech, I had to teach myself everything.
It will also be my first actual build.
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  1. fill out the template as proximon said and we can help you out better.

    there are a ton of problems with your build currently
  2. Ok, this did need alot of cleaning up. My fault!

    If people can read this than this is what it all comes down to.

    I don't need a mouse, keyboard, I already purchased my case and PSU; also got a GTX 480 for free but it seems broken.

    I want this to be a mean gaming machine and I also want to try folding@home.
    I live in the US and I use newegg, amazon, tigerdirect, and fry's.
    I'm trying to aim for an Intel/NVidia build but if I have to go Intel/Radeon, no big deal.
    I want to do future upgrading and overclocking, maybe sli/xfire later too.
    Since I already have the case and PSU, I don't want to blow more than $900 on the rest.
    Before I forget, i'll probably be playing 1080p; 1680-1050 or 1920x1080.

    Prior to everything, were all the parts I mentioned at the top any good for what I wanted to do?
  3. You would have been far better served by a better, smaller PSU such as the Corsair 750TX V2. However, the Cougar is probably OK as you won't stress it much. Try to install it so that it draws fresh air from outside the case and avoid running it in hot ambient temps. (say over 31C)

    Your case is a nice choice but it is a bit pricey considering the rest of your budget. Spending a bit less there might have gotten you into a nicer GPU, for instance.

    ASRock Extreme4 MB

    Stick with lower profile RAM that won't potentially interfere with heatsinks
    Corsair 1600Mhz 1.5V

    Then I think you are set.
  4. if you like asus boards a bit more, id get a p8z77-v LK board. its about as good but you do get the asus quality
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